Infinal Technologies is US-based IT Company. We specialize in providing businesses insight into their most valuable asset; their people. We believe transparency is the key to developing trust between employers and their employees and work to develop products that increase transparency. Whether it is attendance or availability, our solutions will help your organization transparency in all matters.

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Android/ iOS Apps

We develop apps that help organization overcome challenges related to Human Resources

Cloud Services

We provide AWS consulting services. Contact us today for a free consultation of your cloud implementation.

Offshore Software Development

If your software development project needs to be completed on-time, on budget and with the highest quality, look no further than our offshore development services.


The UH Academy App

UH Academy App is an online learning App to help you understand your lectures and make learning easier for you.
Happy Learning!!

The Punctuality Manager

TPM is a smartphone based, fully automated and fraudproof Attendance Management System. It is an indoor attendance management app with realtime intelligence and live messaging.

The Employee Tracker

TET is a GPS based HR management system that helps you in managing and recording your employee's whereabouts, and tax deductible mileage claims.

The Fire Drill App

It’s often difficult to manage the release of important information or make company-wide announcements to the entire employee population at the same time. At best, the effort is hit or miss.
The Fire drill app provides the platform to issue timely & accurate releases to all employees.