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Infinal Technologies is US-based IT Company. Our team comprises of highly passionate and innovative individuals who work hard to generate value for you. Our mission is to provide you the desired products that fulfil your common intense needs, we are motivated to create reality from imagination.

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Android/ iOS Apps

We provide apps that will help you overcome the issues of Human Resource Management

Technical Support

We provide tech support 24/7, you can also request features on demand.


The Punctuality Manager

TPM is a Smartphone based, touchless, fully automatic and proxy proof Attendance Management System. It is an indoor employee tracker with report generation and live messaging.

The Employee Tracker

TET is a GPS based employee tracking system that helps you in tracking and recording your employee's location, working hours and claimable miles.

Our Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. The Intellectuals.

Faisal Akhtar

Chief Executive Officer

Faisal has been in the tech industry for many years working as a developer, business analyst and project manager. He is also a serial entrepreneur who loves to swim and grapple.

Muhammad Umar

Project Leader/Web Developer

Dedicated and enthusiastic Project Leader with an IT background, competent at providing daily direction, motivation, and support to project team in a bid to ensure that project specifications and deadlines are met.

Yousaf Iqbal

Software Developer

Highly organized, independent and professional Software Developer able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity.

Ahad Mehmood

App Developer

An accomplished application developer. Develop modern and user-friendly applications.I know how to balance between creativity and usability. I can help you grow your business and increase your conversion by turning your visitors into potential customers.

Muhammad Saad

Full Stack Developer

Multi-talented, technologically-gifted, full stack developer with the ability to work with multiple platforms at the same time. Have been in the software development industry from last three years.

Maryam Attiq

Graphic Designer

A passionate UI/UX Designer and content writer with an IT background. Have hands-on experience in Php, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and expertise in Photoshop, Blender and Illustrator.